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Thursday 22nd October

Homework - 22.10.20


1.  Please learn to read and spell the words on the sheet attached below for a spelling test, of ten randomly picked words, on Friday 6th November.


Year 2 - Common exception words.pdf


2.  Please complete the following comprehension activities in your CGP book:

  • Thank you letter - page 1.
  • A postcard from Italy - page 2.
  • Laura's Tree House - page 3.


3.  Have fun reading a favourite book and complete the book review attached below.


Year 2 - A Book Review.doc



4.  Please practise many sets of words on the power points in the Phonics section on our class page.  

  • If you scored below 34/40, on the practise phonics screen, you have the answer sheet in your bag.  Please practise sounding out and reading the words with your parents.


5.  Please continue to practise the 2X, 5X and 10X tables.  Also please learn and revise the 3X table.  There will be a test on the 3X table on Friday 6th November.  Use the resource below to help you.


3 times table activity sheet.pdf


5.  Please complete pages 1-9 of the CGP Reasoning book.


6.  Aim to score 1000 points on Mathletics and, for an extra challenge, use Times Tables Rock Stars to practise your 2X, 3X 5X and 10X tables.  Your Mathletics log-in details will allow you access.


How do you score points on Mathletics?  Check the Mathletics Hall of Fame to see how and at the end of October check to see if you have earnt a CERTIFICATE!



Thank you, children, for all your hard work and thank you, parents, for your support, during the term.


We hope you all have a lovely break!


Best wishes,

Miss Writer, Mrs Vujnovic and Mrs Alves

Please stay happy and healthy, safe and smiley!