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Thursday 23rd April

Morning message from Miss Rodger


How are you all getting on with your daily reading practice?
Good I hope. 

Remember, reading should be an enjoyable experience so choose books that you are interested in. 
Over the Easter holidays, I found lots of nice Ebooks which I will share with you on the main class page.

It will be like we are reading together as a class. 


Click on the link below and it will take you to the reading folder.


The first Ebook I have uploaded is

’The Whale who ate Everything!




St George's Day task

Happy St George's Day- please watch
This is my animated narration on the history of Saint George's Day which is celebrated on 23rd of April every year. How will you celebrate Saint George's Day...


To celebrate the Feast of St George please create a St George cross tissue flag. 




What You Need

Red Paint

How to Make

  • 1. Paint a long stick with red paint then leave to dry.
  • 2. Print off the template for the flag (or draw your own) and cut out.
  • The cross will be red and the background will be white.
  • 3. Cover the background surrounding the cross with glue using a glue stick.
  • 4.Scrunch up white tissue paper squares into small balls and stick onto the background.
  • 5. Repeat until all 4 rectangles are covered with white tissue paper.
  • 6.Cover the cross shape with glue using a glue stick.
  • 7.Scrunch the red tissue paper squares into small balls and stick onto the cross section until covered.
  • 7. Cut a strip of tape the same size as the depth of the flag.
  • 8. Attach to the top of the stick and attach to the side of the flag. 

Some alternatives to the St George cross tissue flag:


A dragon made out of egg cartons and card.



A dragon made from an empty toilet roll tube.