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Thursday 23rd April


Good morning Year 1! Today is Thursday the 23rd of April. How are you all doing? How did you get on with your tasks from yesterday? 

Were you able to remember what rhyming words are? Today's task has more about rhyming words. You'll be so good at it now!

  • What is a word that rhymes with cat? star? day?


Were you able to remember how to find 1 more/less of a number? 

  • What is 1 more than 12?
  • more than 17?
  • less than 13?
  • less than 20?

Did you get them all right? Amazing, well done! 


Who made a lovely craft for Earth Day? If you did, make sure to send in your pictures. I would love to see, and I can post them in our class gallery. Take a look at what is there now.

Practise reading our daily calendar with someone in your family. 

Example: The day is Thursday. The date is the 23rd. The month is April. The season is spring and the weather is sunny. 


I hope you're all doing good with your home learning and doing lots of fun activities. Miss Tanner has found some fun read alouds that I am going to record and put on our class page. Then it will be like we're reading together in the classroom. smiley

I hope you're doing lots of reading yourself. How many books can you read before we come back to school? Check out our reading tab below. Good luck on your tasks for today. Remember to be a great helping hand around the house. I miss you all and I will speak with you tomorrow.


Miss Tanner




  • Handwriting and Phonics/reading
  • English: Make a Face by Tony Mitton
  • Maths: Finding 10 more/less than a number
  • Science: Intro to Plants topic



Daily handwriting and phonics

Please aim for 30 minutes (15 each) of handwriting and phonics per day. 

ENGLISH - Today's activity focuses on identifying emotions, rhyming words and poetry. 

English task - Make a Face by Tony Mitton




MATHS - Today's activity focuses on counting 10 more/less. Remember when we do this we can use a number square to help us. If it is 10 more we go down on the number square so the number gets bigger. If it is 10 less we go up on the number square so the number gets smaller. Go to our maths page to see a number square.

Maths task - Finding 10 more/less than a number




SCIENCE - Today's activity is the beginning of our new topic on Plants. You can colour in the cover page or make your own. At the beginning of each topic we complete a KWL chart. Please only do the first 2 columns as the last column we complete at the end of our topic. Without looking at any resources, write what you already know about plants (e.g., different types, what they need to live) and what you want to know (e.g., how do plants grow? what different kinds of plants are there?)

Science task - Intro to Plants topic