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Thursday 23rd April

Good Morning Year 2

Today is Thursday 23rd April, 2020.  Today is St. George's day.  As a little extra challenge today, can you find out 3 facts about St. George.


Yesterday I missed doing my exercise class so instead, I went for a run around the lake by my house and guess what?  The lake was full of ducklings.  There are three types of birds in there with babies - Coots, Morhens and Greebs.  They are absolutely adorable but the parents are extremely defensive of their little ducklings - so you can not go near them.  Also, I saw a small terrapin in the water.  I had no idea terrapins lived in lakes in Surrey!


Joke of the Day!

Why did the dinosaur cross the road?

Because the chicken wasn’t born yet.




Start the day at 9am with PE with JOE





Activity 1 - Maths

Lesson 4 - Measure length in m

1.  Watch the Measure length in cm video and answer the questions. 

2.  Open Get the Activity and answer the questions.

3.  Get the Answers.  Did you get it right?



How tall was Queen Victoria in metres and centimetres?


Activity 2 - English

You all know the story of Hansel and Gretel. 


1.  Today, read this version of the story. Is it different to the version you know?  Now look at the Day 4 booklet and talk to someone about the story and answer the questions.


2.  Read Griselda's diary (she's not very good a punctuation!) and put the full stops where they should be.  Circle all the letters that should be capital letters.


3. Write a diary entry as either Hansel or Gretel recounting their adventures in the forest.  Use diary language and conjunctions.


Additional challenge:

  • Draw your ideal ginger bread house.
  • In the story, poor old Hansel is on the menu! What else would a witch like to serve up for a meal? Plan her menu.  



Activity 3 - History

We are starting a new topic in history today.  We will be looking at Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole


You will need to log-in to Discovery Education - Espresso.

Username: Student21608

Password:  Mary007 


1.  Click on the picture below (it may ask you for log-in details again - use the ones above).  Watch this video on Florence Nightingale and then start the game to arrange the pictures and words into chronological order.


2.  In your books, write what you can remember about Florence Nightingale's life.  Remember to put it in chronological order and use key dates if you can remember them.


Extra Challenges

Hansel and Gretel Story and Question Booklet

Florence Nightingale Wordsearch