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Thursday 25th June

"Be silly, be awesome, be kind."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday 25th June

Good morning children. I hope you are all happy safe and well. Looking forward to seeing you later this morning on Google Meet. Today, you have maths and History to complete. In History you will complete part one of two lessons. Have a look a the religious beliefs the Romans had and then create a glossary. You will need a dictionary to help for this lesson. The writing template is at the bottom of the page. Tomorrow, you will have a look at the Roman god and goddesses in more detail. For today's maths lesson please see the maths section of the class page. Have a nice day.

Miss Rodger

English task



Today's English lesson will be live on Google Meet. Have a look at the groups and times below.         Please have a copy of the text in front of you or save a copy on your computer so that it can be opened easily, as well as a pen or pencil to write with. 


Thursday 25th June- Reading comprehension  

Year 3 A- log on to Google Classroom for 10.00am

Year 3 B- log on to Google Classroom for 10.30am

Year 4 – log on to Google Classroom for 11.00am  



This week you are going to find out about the religious beliefs the Romans had and some of the god and goddesses they worshipped. Today, you will carry out part one of two lessons. 


Roman Religion 

In the earlier Roman times, the Roman people believed in many different gods and goddesses whom they believed controlled different aspects of their lives. They did not have a central belief system of their own as such, but rather borrowed gods, rituals and superstitions from a number of sources and adapted them to suit their own needs. The Romans believed in good and bad omens and they performed many rituals in the hope of receiving good luck. Prayer and sacrifice was important and the Romans held festivals every month to honour the gods. They would worship their gods and goddesses at temples.



Elements of Religion Task

Read through the Roman religion information text in the document attached below. Discuss the words with a parent or sibling then use a dictionary to work out what they mean.