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St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School

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Thursday 26th November

Good morning everyone. Please begin today by completing the 'Morning Maths' activity below:

  1. What is double 3?
  2. 2 x 5 =
  3. What is double 7?
  4. What is double 9?
  5. 2 x 11 =
  6. 2 x 8 =
  7. What is double 10?
  8. 2 x 12 =
  9. What is double 40?
  10. 2 x 14 =


Please practise your arithmetic skills by solving the problems in the booklet attached below:

A full SATs Arithmetic Test

Physical Education

Try these challenges:

Can you throw a ball into the air and catch it?

Can you do this 5 times in a row?

Can you throw a ball into the air and catch it with one hand?

Can you bounce a ball on the ground 5 times?

How many times can you bounce a ball in one minute?



We are studying the 7 life processes that tell us that living things are alive.

Please use the flash cards to remind you of the life processes and then complete the worksheet.

I hope you enjoy today's activities and thank you for working so hard at home.