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Thursday 26th November


Today is Thursday the 26th of November.





  • Phonics: oy sound
  • English: Noun and verb sentences
  • Maths: Adding with a number line
  • Art: Venetian masks 




Phonics - oy sound

Speed Sounds Set 2 and 3 for Reception and Foundation Stage

Phonics Lesson - Set 2 'ou' sound for Reception and Year 1




English: Nouns and verbs

Google Meet 9:25am

Today we are going to learn more about verbs - ACTION WORDS! and we are going to try to use them in sentences with a noun.


We will go through the learning slides together and then you will create your own sentence buddy using nouns and verbs.


The dog is barking.

The children are playing outside.
book is sitting on the shelf.


Why not make it even trickier and try to add an adjective. 

The big dog is barking.

The noisy children are playing outside.
small book is sitting on the shelf.


Kids vocabulary - Action Verbs - Action Words





Maths: Adding with a number line

Google Meet 11:00am

Today we are going to add more using a number line. Remember we have used a number line before in class when froggy jumps!


When we are adding froggy is always jumping forwards and our numbers get bigger.



We will read through the learning slides together and then complete one of the three worksheets. First, let's warmup counting forwards with our splat square. You can try this at home.

Learn Addition Using Number Line





Art: Venetian masks

Google Meet 1:00pm

Today we will be going to Venice! We will pretend we are going to a Viennese ball wearing our beautiful masks. First we will learn about the history of masks and then we will create our very own. Remember the more extravagant the better!


Masks of the Collection | The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Collection