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Thursday 2nd

Good morning!

Don't forget it's our class meeting at 10am today for some show-and-tell time and just to see each other not in a formal 'lesson'.

See you then!

Mrs Price

Thursday's English lesson

Still image for this video

Descriptive writing - pictures to base your writing on



What can you remember about our Science topic "Electricity"?

Unfortunately, you have not had a chance to use bulbs, cells, wires, buzzers or motors to create your own circuits and conduct experiments.


But hopefully you can:

  • explain what electricity is
  • name some renewable and non-renewable sources of electricity
  • identify electrical and non-electrical appliances.
  • sort appliances based on whether they use mains or battery power.
  • understand how electrons (current) move(s)/flows in complete and incomplete circuits.
  • explain how a circuit works and why it might not work.
  • explain why some materials conduct electrical currents and why others don’t.
  • explain that a switch turns the electric current on and off.


Next week, I am going to ask you to complete an end of topic assessment so before you do, use today to go over what we have done during this topic.

I have attached some of the documents you might want to re-read below as well as a video link to some videos from the BBC.