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Thursday 7th May

Morning Message

Good morning children it is Thursday 7th May and we come to the end of our third week of the summer term. I hope you are well. Thank you to the children who have been emailing in, I've heard from nearly everyone now so if you haven't yet please do. 




Find below a template for you to write about and research a veteran from the Second World War. This could be someone from your own family or it could be someone you've researched. I've added some links below.


When we think about war we often think of soldiers but you could research anyone that played a part in the war effort. The new £50 note that will be released next year will have the face of Alan Turing on it. He wasn't a solider but was vital in ensuring an allied victory. 





I have set work on Mathletics for all of you so log on and see if you can get a gold certificate whilst you are away from school. A very well done to Tiago who received a gold certificate last week but I want all of you to have earned one by the time we return to school. 


Find below a few other activities should you complete your Mathletics in double quick time.



I saw lots of you getting your homes ready for VE Day celebrations tomorrow so carry on preparing. At 2.45pm on Friday a speech given by Sir Winston Churchill (the Prime Minister at the time) to announce the end of the war (back in 1945!), will be repeated on BBC1.


Below is part of that speech. I would like you to recite the speech and film yourselves doing your best Churchill impressions. I've added another famous speech Churchill made towards the beginning of the war so you can get a good idea of how he spoke.

Winston S Churchill: We Shall Fight on the Beaches