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Thursday 11th June

Good Morning beautiful children.

Be kind to yourself today!

Morning message from Miss Rodger

An introduction to today's English task

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Zoo's Who? - Tony, Big Cat Keeper

Meet Tony Cholerton, big cat keeper at ZSL London Zoo and star of ITV documentary 'The Zoo'. Learn about what its like to look after tigers, train lions and ...

RE task

'Choices have consequences'

Our new RE topic is all about making the right choices. When making a choice, it is important to examine your conscience in order to make a good choice and minimise bad effects for ourselves and others. 

Watch the short video clip below explaining consequences. Then answer the following question: what choices have you made recently, how did you choose and what were the consequences? Record your answers on the writing template below. 

Consequences for Kids | Character Education

Help the kids in your life learn about Consequences - what they mean and why we have them. Learn more in my Blog Post: https://www.learningwithjessicadiaz.or...