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Thursday 23rd

Morning message from Mrs Price

St George's Day

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Today is St George's Day. Watch this video that tells you more about him.

Today is also the birthday of William Shakespeare.

Read the fact file below to find out more about him.

Have you read any of his plays?


As well as writing plays he wrote lots of poems, mostly in a form called a sonnet.

For your task today is to find out:

How many lines does a sonnet have?

What is the rhyme scheme of a sonnet?

Read some of his sonnets on line.

Thursday's English lesson

Computing - Coding - Lesson


Have a go at coding at home. You can access the same Espresso coding that we use in school by following the link below.

Your username is student 21608 and your password is Mary007 .

Work your way through Lesson 1 and 2 in Unit 4b Repetition and Loops.