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Tuesday 12th May

Good Morning Year 2

Challenge:  Listen to the audio of me reading the morning message.  Can you read along as I speak?  

Miss Writer's Morning Message

Today is Tuesday 12th May, 2020.  Wow, wow, wow.....  I have just looked at the children who have earned Mathletics certifiates since the beginning of May.  I CAN NOT believe it.  We have some new names up there so well done!  Every little extra works towards earning a certificate.  I will post your names up on the Mathletics Hall of Fame on Friday.


I took a picture of another strange-looking tree for you.  What do you think it looks like?  On the other side, there was a huge hole you could walk in!  If you are able to go for a walk, start looking at the trees.  Do you see different shaped leaves?  Different shaped trunks?  Different colours and sizes?


I tried to take a picture of the robin but she was fast asleep and you couldn't really see her and I didn't want to disturb her.  I will try again another day.


Remember to send me in photographs of what you are doing! There are lots of new photographs in Your Photographs from Home.


Joke of the Day!

Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees?

Because they're so good at it! 



Start the day at 9am with PE with JOE




Morning Prayer

Father in heaven You love me. 

You are with me night and day.

I want to love You always,

In all I do and say.

I'll try to please You Father.

Bless me through the day.






Your tasks today:


Activity 1 - Maths

Go to Lesson 1 - Adding and Subtracting 10s

1.  Listen to the video and answer the questions.

2. Open the worksheet below and answer the questions.

3.  Check your answers below.  Did you get it right?

Activity 2 - English

1.  Listen again to the story Instruction by Neil Gaiman 


Now read the Question Booklet for Day 2

2.  Say what a verb is – the ‘doing’ or ‘action’ word in a sentence. Remind yourselves by reading Verbs

  • There are 9 verbs in the box of words on Dragon Trapping. How many can you find? 
  • Check the Answers to see if you got all of them. Well done! 
  • Now re-read Features of Instructions and highlight the verbs. The first two have been done for you. 
  • Are the verbs all bossy? Are they all at or near the beginning of the sentence? Confirm that in each case, they are. Check the Answers


3.  Read The Magic Castle

  • Highlight all the bossy, instructional verbs. 
  • Follow the rest of the instructions. 


Challenge:  Look at the picture of the Months of the Year sitting round the fire. Learn the order of the months of the year by heart. Try learning the spellings – Look, cover write, check. Which months are special to you? Why is that? 

Activity 3 - RE


Please read the text from Acts 2:1-4 and the page from God's Story 2 and answer the following questions:

  • How did the friends feel after Jesus had gone back to his Father?
  • Have you ever felt like this?
  • What happened on Pentecost day?
  • What did the friends do?
  • How do you think they felt then?
  • How did they make other people feel?


  • How might we spread the word about the Good News of Jesus’ love?
  • Make up a short prayer thanking Jesus for sending the Holy Spirit, sharing joy and happiness.