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Tuesday 12th May

Good morning children it is Tuesday 12th May. Find below your work for today as well as an updated power point on the Rosary. 




Find below a power point which will test your knowledge of conjunctions. After that there is a comic strip challenge for you. Can you include all the different conjunctions listed?



Your work carries on from yesterday. Year 3 continue your revision of place value. Year 4 you will be working on decimals. Feel free to complete all maths work even if it is not your year group. 



Our new topic is Electricity. I would like you to design your own title page like you would in your book. ELECTRICITY written in large, bold letters. Around your title you may draw pictures like those below. I want you to think of 6 different questions you may have about electricity which we will research this term. For example: How do we make electricity? Why is electricity dangerous?