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Tuesday 16thJune

Good Morning lovely nursery children!

Good Morning parents and everyone who looks after our wonderful children!

Today is Tuesday and there are lots of things happening around us. We talked about the Queen's official birthday and how she celebrated but there was also a special birthday in my family. My niece's son was 4 years old on Sunday 14th June. His name is Ben and he is going to a Kindergarten in the country where he lives. He is very excited. Luckily the postman is still working, so Ben got his birthday card in time.

And then there was Prince Philip's birthday. He is married to the Queen and was 99 years old last week.

More about families after the prayer:

And here is a saying that my sister gave to me when I moved to another town. She wanted me to remember this:

I love my sister very much but we can't do things together at the moment because it's not good to travel too far but being a family we care for each other a lot.

Did you ask your parents about their parents? Do they live nearby or would you have to travel far to visit them? Some are even in another country but we can always talk to them on the phone.

Can you make a little drawing of a tree with branches and leaves? Or you can print out a template and talk about you and your parents and your grandparents and let your adult write the names in the tree.

I hope you will see your family for a real get together soon. For tomorrow, can you find out who would be your aunt or uncle. And do you have any cousins in your family? We call people who come from the same family our relatives. Some have lots of them and some have only a few relatives. Just have a think about things we like to do with our family.

And now a bit more of our Bear Story.

Silvio wanted to visit his brother but didn't know how to get there. He lives a long way away in a place called Dumfries which is in Scotland. Mackey, Silvio's monkey friend, went to see his grandmother for a week. So Silvio thought it was a good opportunity to spend some time with his family too but he just couldn't work out how to get there. Silvio hasn't got a car and is not allowed to go on the train. Too far for a bus and no money for an aeroplane. What can he do? Is there someone who can help him? He thought of a special friend who might just be able to solve his problem. Look who Silvio went to see next!


Dori Dove remembered Silvio. Some time ago Asterix frightened her and Silvio came to Dori's rescue. He growled at the cat so loud that Asterix ran back to his hiding place as fast as he could. When Silvio explained the situation to Dori Dove, she immediately agreed to take him there. "Hop on my back" she told Silvio. "But first you have to tell me the exact address." That's when Silvio got his map out to show her where to go. Can you see a town called 'Dumfries'?
Well, it's near the seaside but what will the weather be like? And do they need to take some food and a drink for the journey?

And here they are!

Dori didn't want to waste any time. Silvio jumped on her back and although he was really heavy Dori took off and flew high into the sky. What do you think happened next? We'll find out tomorrow!

Would you like to draw a picture with Silvio and Dori in the sky? Or what they saw from up there?

If you could fly...

Still image for this video
A journey from a bird's view prospective showing parts of the Camino de Santiago
This is not Silvio's journey but I thought you might enjoy the view from up there. Some people walk this path as a religious act. We call it a pilgrimage. I hope you enjoyed the video.
And only if you want to do a bit more, here is a map to look at.
More tomorrow. See you then.