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Tuesday 21st April

Good morning all! Today is Tuesday 21st April and it's the Queen's 94th Birthday so I decided to tidy myself up a bit! Did you know that the Queen celebrates her birthday twice a year. Have a little look online as to why...


94 though! Incredible! Can you work out what year it will be on your 94th birthday? I will be 94 in 2084 so can you work out how old I am if I have not yet had my birthday this year?

English & Art

Find below a couple of attachments to download. The first is a writing task about what you would do if you were King or Queen for a day. My first law would be that anyone caught with their shirt untucked would be sent to the school dungeon! 


The second task there is to design your own birthday cake for the Queen. Once you've designed it you could bake it and drop it off at school! I will make sure it gets to the Queen from there :D.


Keep going with Mathletics and Timestables Rockstars if you can because then I can see just how well you are doing! If the work set is too hard or too easy, stick to the topic and create your own questions linked to it. If you go to the maths link on the homepage of our class page you'll find lots of useful websites on there to help you. 


Today let's recap subtraction.