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Tuesday 21st April

Good Morning Year 2

Today is Tuesday 21st April, 2020.  I will be eating a chocolate Guinness cake today and celebrating a birthday (not mine because as you know my birthday is in July and I am 502 and will soon be 503).  It is my boyfriend's birthday.


On the subject of birthdays, Mr Griffin reminded me that it's the Queen's birthday today.  I have added some information for you about the Queen and some music that was played at her coronation.


I look forward to speaking to you at 10:30am today on our Zoom chat! 


Joke of the Day!

Why did the student eat his homework?

Because the teacher told him it was a piece of cake!



Start the day at 9am with PE with JOE 



Activity 1 - Maths

Lesson 2 - Count in fractions

1.  Watch the Count in fractions video and answer the questions. 

2.  Open Get the Activity and answer the questions.

3.  Get the Answers.  Did you get it right?



Activity 2 - English

Re-read the story of Angry Cat.  Then answer the questions in the Day 2 booklet.

1.  Read the page from Rat's Diary.  Can you spot the conjunctions?

2.  Look at Rat's Diary.  Has he written his diary correctly?  Compare with the checklist.  

3.  Can you write a diary entry as Angry Cat?  Remember the diary features.  Use conjunctions.


Activity 3 - Science

In science we had been learning about Materials.  We are now moving on to the new topic of PLANTS.  You can see plants everywhere!  Can you see any from where you are?


1.  Watch these videos on BBC Bitesize on plants  (about plants)  (different plants)


2.  Tell someone in your house what you know.  Where do plants grow?  What do they look like?  What things do plants need to grow? 

3.  What happens if plants get all these things?  What happens if they do not get these things?

4.  Draw a picture of a healthy sunflower in a pot and all the things that it needs to grow.  Remember to label your diagram.

Activity 4

1.  Make a birthday card for the Queen.

2.  As you make it, listen to this piece of music that was played at the coronation of the Queen.  It is called Zadok the Priest and was written by Handel (make sure the volume is low!).