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Tuesday 21st April

Happy Tuesday everybody. I hope you enjoyed the work that was set yesterday and you had some quiet time to share the Liturgy with your family.

I did the Joe Wicks workout with my family. The room was a bit cramped with all of us together and now my legs feel a bit cramped too!


Q: Why did the spider go on the internet

A: To make a webpage!


Below are today's activities. I hope you enjoy completing them.


Start your day with a workout!

Maths Activity

1. Click on the link below and select lesson 2.

2.  Watch the Count in fractions video and answer the questions 

3.  Open the GET THE ACTIVITY section and answer the questions.

4.  Open the GET THE ANSWERS section and check your answers.  


English Activity

Re-read the story of Angry Cat.  Now answer the questions in the booklet.

1.  Read the page from Rat's Diary.  Can you spot the conjunctions?

2.  Look at Rat's Diary.  Has he written his diary correctly?  Compare with the checklist.

3.  Can you write a diary entry as Angry Cat?  Remember the diary features.  Use conjunctions.

Science Activity

We are moving on to the new topic of PLANTS.  Plants are everywhere!  If you are able to go outside and exercise today, please count how many plants you can see.


1.  Watch this video on BBC Bitesize on plants -

2.  Where do plants grow?  What do they look like?  What things do plants need to grow? 

3.  What happens if plants get all these things?  What happens if they do not get these things?

4.  Draw a picture of a healthy sunflower in a pot and all the things that it needs to grow.  Remember to label your diagram.

It is the Queen's birthday today. She is 94 years old!

If you would like to read a little about her life, click on the link below.

Keep practising your mathematics skills and spelling skills by regularly using Mathletics and Lexia. 

Have fun!

Mr. Griffin