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Tuesday 23rd June

Have a great day!

Full of productivity and good vibes.




The view from Parliament Hill in Hampstead just before the summer Solstice sun rise on Sunday morning (3.45am) taken by a family member. A great view. Wouldn't you agree...

Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning children! Thank you for joining me on Google Meet yesterday. Apologies to the Year 4 group as there was a lot of background noise. Please remember to mute yourself when you join the video call to ensure that all participants can hear. Well done to the Year 3 and Year 4 children who listened attentively throughout and took part as best they could.Today, you have three tasks: maths, English and ICT to complete. Please see the maths folder for further details. In English you will read the poem Hero Dad and have a think about what the poem is about. What does he do that makes him a hero to his daughter? Afterwards, you will write a short adventure story. In ICT you are going to recreate The Snail by Henri Matisse using your computer skills. Watch the video below for further details. Have a lovely day!

Miss Rodger


ICT task

This week you are going to be using all the skills that we practised last week to try and recreate The Snail  by Henri Matisse. Watch the video below to get you started and then please email your final creation. I'd love to see it!

Making the snail

Still image for this video