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Tuesday 23rd June

Good Morning Year 2

Challenge:  Listen to the audio of me reading the morning message.  Can you read along as I speak? 

Miss Writer's Morning Message

Today is Tuesday 23rd June, 2020.  I hope you enjoyed the lovely sunny day yesterday.  Early in the morning, I went for a jog and it was already quite hot.  I'm very lucky as I bought some new trainers (my old ones have fallen apart) and I think they actually helped me to run a little faster!  Have you done any more jogging?  You should all be getting quite fit by now if you are doing all your morning exercise!  


I hope you enjoyed Father's Day on Sunday.  Thank you for sending me in the pictures of the cards you made.  I made a cake and took it to my Father's house and we ate some in the garden.  I also took him some sweet pepper plants which I grew from seed.  Do you remember my seed experiment?  Well... They ALL germinated and they are now all growing in my garden.  Are you growing anything?


Have a lovely day!

Joke of the Day!

Why couldn't the astronaut book a hotel on the moon?

Because it was full.

Start the day at 9am with a 10 minute kids workout class! 


Morning Prayer

Father in heaven You love me. 

You are with me night and day.

I want to love You always,

In all I do and say.

I'll try to please You Father.

Bless me through the day.




Your tasks today:

Activity 1 - Maths


Go to Lesson 2 - Compare lengths

1.  Listen to the video and answer the questions.

2. Open the worksheet below and answer the questions.

3.  Check your answers below.  Did you get it right?

Activity 2 - English

Listen to the story My Uncle is a Hunkle again. 


You are going to be writing character descriptions today.  For example: what they look like, the things they do, what type of things they say, are they clumsy, funny - why?! 


What are the people like in your family?  Is there anyone like Clarice's Uncle?


Listen to the story again and complete the Question Booklet for Day 2.

Activity 3 - RE

Please read Matthew 18: 21-22 and Gods Story 2 p65.

Please answer these questions:

  • How do you think Peter felt when he heard what Jesus had to say?
  • How do you feel?
  • How do you make up with others after something has gone wrong?




Draw around your foot ant cut it out.  On your footprint, write on it words of friendship and forgiveness, display it with the title ‘The pathway to forgiveness.