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Tuesday 28th April

Morning message from Miss Rodger

1080p HD "Good Morning" - Singin' in the Rain (1952)

"Good Morning"

A huge well done to those children who have emailed in photographs and samples of their work over the last week.

I love seeing your wonderful work and it really brightens up my day!

Remember, you can write to me via email at any time by emailing the school office on the address below.


Have a great day!


Our new RE topic is ENERGY!


The lesson objective is 'The energy of fire and wind'

Think of all the things you can use fire for: starting a car, cooking, light, warmth, making things, metal work, and glass. 


Have a think about the qualties of fire...


It warms, melts, cooks, burns, changes liquids and solid substances. 


Have a look at the Wind Power video below. 



Wind Power

Still image for this video

RE Task 

If you have two balloons at home please blow them up.                             Then place them down on the floor. 


Have a think about these questions.


Will they stay there?


How could you make them stay on the spot? 


Now release the air out of one of the balloons slowly and out of one balloon quickly.


Did you hear anything? Did you see what happened? What made the movement? Can you always control the balloon? 


Make notes neatly in your exercise book about what wind can do.

Think about wind and how we use it :windmills, wind farms, drying things, and its use in nature; blowing away leaves, distributing seeds. You could even use the internet to do some research.


Feel free to use these subheadings to help you.


The sounds you hear

The feelings you have

The movement it causes

The warmth or cold it brings

The difference it makes

The power of wind


Good luck!