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Tuesday 5th May

Good morning children it is Tuesday 5th May. I hope you and your families are well and I hope you are being good and working hard at home. I hope you are making the most of the time you have away from school and using the extra time you have wisely. 



Find below some information about Anne Frank. She was a child who lived during the Second World War and her diary teaches us a lot about what it was like to live as a child during a war. Choose which article you want to tackle, one star being easiest and three star the hardest. 



Find below a times table/ division timed exercise. Use this as your warm up. Set yourself a time limit of five minutes and see how many you can do. 


Once you've completed that I have attached a Battleships game for you to play with a partner. The game is focused on co-ordinates so follow the rules carefully. To add an extra dimension to the game you could make some maths problem cards where if you don't get the answer in a certain time limit you miss your go. 

DT & History


Many men and women were awarded medals for their service during the war. Have a look online at the different medals people received for the roles they performed. Think about what design you could make to honour someone who served and sacrificed for their country.