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St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School

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Tuesday 8th December

Good morning everybody. Please begin today by solving the problems below:

  1.  4 x 2 =
  2.  6 x 3 =
  3.  10 x 5 =
  4.  9 x 10 =
  5.  5 x 2 =
  6.  8 x 3 =
  7.  12x 5 =
  8.  11 x 10 =
  9.  8 x 2 =
  10.  9 x 5 =


Please solve the problems, on the worksheet below, regarding reading scales:

Try to write an acrostic poem on the theme of Advent. You can use the resource below:

In our religion lessons, we are thinking about the preparations made by Joseph and Mary before Jesus was born and about why they went to Bethlehem. Please read the story from Luke's Gospel, in the document below, and answer the following questions:

  • What preparations might Mary and Joseph make at home in Nazareth for the birth of the baby?
  • Why did the Roman Emperor want everyone to return to the place their family came from?
  • How would Mary and Joseph have felt when they realised they had to make a long journey?
  • How could Mary and Joseph lovingly prepare the stable for the baby’s arrival?
  • How did Mary dress the baby?
  • How did she know what to call him?

I hope you enjoy completing the activities today.

Best wishes,

Mr Griffin