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Tuesday 2nd June

"Be yourself everyone else is already taken."

Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning children,

Yesterday evening, I met up with my beautiful nephew Leo who is very cute. He is now 3 and half years old and he loves to scoot. I was delighted to see him as we've only had contact via FaceTime over the last number of weeks. So we went to the park and enjoyed the lovely weather. We even had an ice-cream as Leo of course spotted an ice-cream van. I had a mint chocolate chip ice- cream and Leo had a Calippo orange ice pop. Anyway I hope you made time for yourself yesterday and got outdoors for a short while. Missing you all! Have a great day! 

Miss Rodger smiley



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RE task : The Holy Spirit energises us.

On Pentecost day, God’s Holy Spirit showered gifts upon the friends of Jesus, gifts which were different kinds of energy, gifts which transformed them.  To help Christians live as followers of Jesus the Holy Spirit gives them different kinds of gifts so everyone can help one another.  St. Paul explains this in his first letter to the people living in Corinth.  He reminds the people that everyone has different abilities but that the Holy Spirit helps them in different ways.


God has given each of us different gifts.  But he has given us the same Spirit in our hearts.  There are many different ways of caring for ourselves and for one another. But it is the same Spirit who gives us the energy (power) to care for one another in these different ways.


The Holy Spirit gives to some the power to speak wisely; to some the power to work out difficult problems and to explain them; to some the power to believe in and trust God; to some the skill of nursing and healing; to some the power to do wonderful things; to some the power to know God and to help others to know him; to some the power to distinguish clearly between right and wrong.


All different gifts, all different forms of energy, but all given by the same Holy Spirit who is at work in our hearts.

         Based on I Corinthians 12: 4-8, 11 


Key Questions:

  1. What does Paul tell us God gives to everyone?
  2. What different gifts/energies does Paul tell us God gives to different people?
  3. What are these to be used for?
  4. What gift/energy, do you think God has given to you?


RE task

The prayer to the Holy Spirit


Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love.  Send forth your Spirit, and they shall be created and you shall renew the face of the earth.  Amen.


Explore the words and their meaning. 

Compose your own version of the prayer.