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Tuesday 9th June

Good morning children it is Tuesday 9th June. Please find your work for today below. 




1) Handwriting


2) Today I would like you to write a little diary entry letting me know what you've been up to this past week or so. Lockdown rules are changing and some children are coming into school so you may have been out of the house a bit more than before. You will have had more spare time on your hands, I know lots of you have been baking or doing things you might not normally have time for. Half a side of A4 is acceptable but aim to complete a full side. 




Year 3 - Ordering Fractions

Year 4 - Count in fractions

ICT / Humanities


You have time today for either of your two projects on the Romans / Great Black Britons. Send over your presentations as they are for me to see please. Again I've added some links below to help your research.

Beverley Knight | Amazing Grace (Live)

Beverley Knight's beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace, 2010

Horrible Histories - Rotten Romans | Compilation