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w/b 11.5.2020



Good morning dear children,


Wow! Is it really Friday again?! I can't believe how quickly the days are going. I hope you have enjoyed your week of learning and are looking forward to next week already - I am starting to combine it online for you. 


If school was running as it should be, we would be celebrating the end of SATs week. We probably would have gone to the common, played a big game of rounders and had an ice cream. It is sad that we can't do that tomorrow but rest assured we will be back at school when it is safe for us to be back together again.


I miss you all very much and you (and your families) are in my thoughts and prayers.


Ms Lankester :)



Good morning children,


I hope you enjoyed your day yesterday. We are now on Thursday and hopefully you have found the page with Mr Naughton's poetry readings. I will link it below for you to listen to. Poetry recital is a great way to keep your comprehension skills up - give it a try at home.


Thanks to those who have sent in some brilliant work for me to read. It brightens my day when you send work over.


Don't forget that May is Mary's month - there is a great powerpoint on how to pray the rosary effectively at home. This is something that you could teach your younger siblings or do over the phone with relatives. Prayer keeps us hopeful and allows for peaceful moments.


Hope you have a good Thursday and keep an eye out for a recording of a story coming your way!


Keep smiling,


Ms Lankester :)



Good morning dear children,


I hope you have enjoyed the work at the start of this week. It looks like I have some wonderful emails in my inbox to reply to - rest assured I will do that before lunchtime today.


Keep working hard and stay safe.


Sending best of wishes to you and your families.


Ms Lankester :)


Dearest children,


I hope you and your families are all doing well. You are truly missed by myself, especially when I am in school. The place feels far too quiet without you all! I am sure that if our classroom could speak, it would be crying out for you to come back and do your great learning.


Below is Miss Pluckrose's liturgy. Do share this with your family and light a candle (with adult supervision!). Some of your grandparents or other relatives might like to join in virtually with your worship.


There is work for you up on the subject tabs. I suggest that you set your week out as follows:

Monday - Morning Maths, Liturgy, Maths, English, Science

Tuesday - Morning Maths, Maths, English, RE

Wednesday - Morning Maths, Maths, English, Humanities

Thursday - Morning Maths, Maths, English, Art

Friday - Morning Maths, Maths, English, RE


Try to get some exercise each day, whether that be PE with Joe, cosmic yoga or a walk outside. Make sure you stay safe when you do go out and keep your two metre distance. 


Hopefully your weekend has been relaxing and you enjoyed your VE day celebrations. We made scones in my house and ate them with lots of jam and clotted cream! This week I am going to make lots of bread and some giant New York style cookies. Perfect for drinking with tea!


Thank you to all those who have sent work in for me: Beatriz, Bethany, Bonnie, Coralie, Caiden, Francisca, Kofi, Isabella, Jude, Olivia and Mia from my maths group. It really makes me smile when I see how you are getting on at home. If you are not able to send any work in, send an email over to the office2 email address with your parents' permission. 


Take care and have a great start to your week.


Ms Lankester :)