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w/b 1.6.2020 COMPLETE



Good morning children!


F-F-F-F-FRIDAAAAY is here! I hope you have all had a great week and have enjoyed working hard at home.


My week has been very busy. I have lots of emails to reply to which I should have completed by the time you log on this morning. Today I would like you to complete your Maths and English work and complete the PSHE work in the new tab. Looking forward to seeing what you create. 


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy yourselves safely.


Ms Lankester :)



Good morning wonderful year six children!


I hope all is well and you have been enjoying your time at home. Are you still doing Joe Wicks at home? I hope you are keeping your fitness levels up. It’s tricky to get motivated sometimes but I find the endorphins post excercise are amazing.


Today you have Maths, English and Science work to complete. Make sure you present your work neatly and attractively. I have received lots more work this week which I love to read. Do send some more to

me via the office if you can! Even a picture of the one you are most proud of would be great.


Looking forward to seeing you all soon.


Ms Lankester :) 




Good morning dear children,


I hope you are all well and enjoyed your work yesterday. Today, please complete Maths, English and Humanities work. It should all be there on the class page for you all.


Hopefully all of you will now received an email from me via your parents. Make sure you read it as they are for you too - if you want to reply I am more than happy for that too.


Enjoy your last few days at home. The hard work starts again next week!


Ms Lankester :)



Good morning dear children,


I hope you all had a great start to your week. Tuesday already! There is Maths, English and RE work for you complete today. Keep working hard - I know you will.


Don't forget about Ms Hume's music lessons. I'll pop a link below for you!


Ms Lankester :)



Good morning children!


Welcome back to your final term of year six. It looks very different to how it would if there wasn't a flu pandemic but we will make it a memorable term full of memories for you to treasure when you leave St Mary's.


Hopefully you all had a relaxing break and enjoyed some rest time. There is plenty of work for you on the class pages and I am really excited to see what you get up to.


Some of you will be wanting to come back to school and some of you might be nervous about it. Please rest assured that any actions taken surround school returning are taken with your safety in mind. It might look very different when we return and some of you may not be in my class but we will see each other at some point, I promise.


There is Maths, English and RE work for you to complete today. Don't forget to lead Miss Pluckrose's liturgy with your family.


Sending you all my best wishes and to your families also.


Ms Lankester :)