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w/b 20.4.2020



Good morning dearest children,


You have made it to Friday! Well done! 


Today I would like you to complete your Maths and English work - it is on the tabs above for you. Make sure that all of your work is finished for the week and ensure that you have started your Art project. I am intrigued to see what you will come up with!


I hope you all clapped for carers last night. As you can see I decided to make a lot of noise! What instrument am I using?


Have a wonderful weekend and wear sun cream if you are in the sun!


Ms Lankester :)



Dearest children,


How do you make your teacher smile? Well you send in some of your work or a letter to her via the email address! I had such a lovely afternoon yesterday reading through work I had received and responding. If you haven't had your response yet, keep an eye on your email.


Your Maths and English work has been uploaded for the day. Please use your best presentation and remember the high expectations you have for yourselves. Education is something that can never be taken from you! 


One of the letters I received yesterday talked about being grateful; will you all be clapping at 8pm for the carers? As you can imagine, I cry every time I clap for the carers! It is really moving because the whole neighbourhood comes together. I will clap extra loud tonight in the hope that you can hear me from your home!


Keep safe, stay smiling and make sure you have plenty of jokes ready for me on your return to school (I don't know when it will be but I pray it will be soon!).


Ms Lankester :) 


P.S I am up to 12.34 miles of my 26.2 mile challenge! How is yours going?



Dearest children,


Today is Wednesday! Halfway through the week and hopefully a very sunny weekend for you to look forward to.


There is Maths and English work for you to complete today and then I would like you to complete lesson 2 of your RE work. Please do lesson 1 if you have not done so already. You know how much I love your RE work so please do send in a copy of what you create when you have completed it. I am happy for you to word process any written work if it is easier and the create illustrations using paint/drawing app if it is more convenient for you.


This week is the week of the 2.6 challenge in line with the original London Marathon date! Are any of you completing a 2.6 challenge? I am trying to run the 26.2 miles of a marathon this week - so far I have completed 7.7miles. Lets see if I will be at 16 miles when I check in with you all on Thursday! Let me know if you are completing any challenges by emailing the school email address.


Keep working hard - I am very proud of you all.


Ms Lankester :)


P.S The humanities work sent in by BD was fantastic! Beautiful handwriting, presentation and illustrations. It brightened up my afternoon seeing your amazing work. Well done!


Click the link below for your music lesson of the day with Ms Hume!


Good morning dear children,


I hope you are well rested and that you found the work set yesterday enjoyable and challenging. Don't forget to send in pictures/written compositions/art work to the school email address: It would be wonderful to see what you have been up to (hopefully not just creating TikTok dances but the blinding lights challenge is a good one!). 


Take care. I am praying for you and all the people you love at this time.


Ms Lankester :)




Good morning children and parents!


Happy start to the summer term! My favourite term of the year - things may look slightly different for you all but rest assured children that I am very proud of you all. I know that you are all working hard and staying kind at home. Well done.


Please check the work for this week – I will aim to have all of it online by the end of today (Monday 20th) so you can plan your week accordingly. The tabs above will explain everything that you need to do.


A suggestion for each day:

Joe Wickes' PE Lesson


Morning maths

Maths lesson






Do your best, I know that you always do.


It is really bizarre not seeing you in person to teach you but I know that you are going to underline titles in red pen, use a blue pen to write with and pencil for any maths work. I can sense the most amazing presentation coming through from you all!


Keep working hard and please don’t forget to send in some pictures of your work to the office email address. Use the ‘Get in Touch’ sunflower for more information. It would be great to see what you have been up to.


Take care,


Ms Lankester :)