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w/b 22.6.2020 COMPLETE



Good morning children at home!


We miss you all lots at school, it does not feel the same without you. Hopefully, you have had a great week so far and have managed to enjoy the sunshine in the best way possible. 


Tomorrow we will meet on Google Classroom at 9am. Remember to:

- enter the call on mute

- the chat function is turned off for our meet unless I post the link to be copied for other students


Looking forward to seeing you all and don't forget to bring a baby photo!


Ms Lankester :)

Good morning children!


I hope you have had a lovely weekend and enjoyed our class call on Friday. It was lovely to see you all.


There is plenty of work for you to be completing at home this week. Daily maths and English alongside RE, Science, Humanities, Music, Computing and Art work. There is also a new library filled with books written by Black authors - have a browse and read about some of the greatest heroes in our time.


We will meet again on Friday at 9am for a short prayer session and show and tell. 


Do take care and send in any work on Google Classroom or via the school office.


Ms Lankester :)