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w/b 27.4.2020



Good morning dear children,


Today is the 1st of May - I can't quite believe it!


Please complete the English work from today and your Maths challenge. Your task today is for you to write me a form of correspondence and send it to the office 2 email address. This might be in the form of:

- a letter

- a postcard

- a comic strip

- a poem

Please tell me what you have been doing at home and what you have enjoyed working on so I know what work to prepare for you over the coming weeks.


Have a great end to your Friday and I look forward to hearing from you!


Ms Lankester :)



Good morning dear children!


I hope you are all well and happy this morning. Yesterday I laughed a lot and finally went on a walk! Hopefully the rain will hold off today and you can all get outside too. 

Please complete your English and Maths work today - don’t forget to do the morning maths too. All of it is really important to keep your brains ticking over. I would also like you to start planning your contribution to the top secret project work. This will then allow me to start compiling it once you start sending it over to me. Ensure that you have finished any RE, Science and humanities work. I am sure you are all taking your time over getting your worm competed to a high standard.


Well done children. Keep working hard and stay safe. I am very proud of you all and I miss you a lot.  

Ms Lankester :)



Good morning dear children,


I hope you all had a good night's sleep and don't feel too stuffy after all the rain yesterday. Here's hoping we get to go outside for a bit of a walk today! 


Please complete the English and Maths tasks today and the new humanities VE day resources. It would be great to see you creating many different pieces of work based on this historical day. Then have a look at the top secret project work and communicate with each other on the best way to create this. I am happy for your ideas on this one!


Keep sending your work in children - it is a joy to see and it is great for your peers to see what you are all up to!


Keep smiling!


Ms Lankester :)

One of the class plants!



Good morning dear children,


I hope you had a wonderful start to your week yesterday. My day in school was fantastic - the sun was shining and there was lots of playtime outside and also lots of hard work. 


Don't forget your English work and Maths work for today - it is already uploaded onto the tabs. I would also like you to complete RE Lesson 3 today. Some feedback on yesterday's work: ensure that not every sentence starts with 'I'. A variety of sentence openers (fronted adverbials, passive voice) makes your writing flow and it allows you to experiment!


Did you like the photo of the chocolate fridge cake (some people call it a tiffin!) recipe? The children at school loved it so here is the recipe It is very easy to make and I think you would enjoy doing this at home. Obviously, I put in crunchie bits and maltesers. No Turkish Delight for me thank you!


Keep enjoying your day and get some fresh air when you can. 


Ms Lankester :)



Good afternoon children,


You will notice that Monday's message comes from you on Sunday afternoon! I am in school tomorrow with some of your friends and wanted to upload items for you so that you can get going straight away in the morning. 


I hope you have all had a nice weekend and managed to get some time in the sunshine. I have been thinking about you lots and have taken some photos of what I have been up to. One of the things I made might even make it's way to school tomorrow for some of the children to share!


Ensure you complete your Maths and English work to a high standard. I would also like you to complete your Science composition if it is not yet complete. Miss Pluckrose has added a wonderful Liturgy for you to share this morning with your family. As year six children, try to model the time to reflect for your younger siblings. It might even be a lovely moment to share over the phone or FaceTime with a grandparent.


Keep sending in your work to me - it is always lovely to receive messages from you all.


Take care and keep smiling.


Ms Lankester :)