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w/b 8.6.2020 COMPLETE



Good morning children,


I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at 1pm. All emails for logins will be with your parents - please check with them if you are missing anything.


Maths today is interactive using BBC Bitesize - I will also put this link on our maths page.


Today you should do your English, Maths and then complete any unfinished Science work (if you have been at home this week) or the Humanities work (if you have been in school). Don't forget that today is a good day to complete any unfinished work or start any projects of your own.


Looking forward to seeing you later. Join the meeting on mute but keep your video on: it will make it easier for everyone involved.


Ms Lankester :)



Good morning children,

I hope you have all received your emails with your Google classroom log in. Make sure you sign in today so that you know how it works.


Today there is maths, english and more RE work for you to complete at home.


Keep working hard!


Ms Lankester



Good morning children,


I hope you are well today and had a productive day of learning.


Today you have maths, English and RE work to complete. I hope you enjoy this.


Don't forget on Friday at 1pm we will have a whole class Google meet. I will send emails via the office with your log ins today.


Have a great Wednesday.


Ms Lankester :)



Good morning year six,


Well done for all your hard work yesterday - I hope you enjoyed your day at home.


Today, please complete the usual Maths and English work followed by your RE work.


Don't forget to send work in to me should you wish to share it.


Ms Lankester :)



Good morning my dear year six class,


I hope this message finds you all well and safe. Some of our classmates have returned to school today - please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


Today you have maths, morning maths, english, handwriting and humanities work to complete. Please work hard to make your work neat and attractive. Send over anything to me that you would like feedback on.


Please go through Miss Pluckrose's liturgy with your family. You may wish to speak with a relative and say it with them.


Keep an eye out for an email with your Google classroom log in. I would like our whole class (or as many as possible) to be involved in a Google meet on Friday afternoon at 1pm.


Looking forward to our new learning week and hope you enjoy today's work.


Ms Lankester :)