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Wednesday 10th June


Wednesday 10th June 2020

Morning children and parents!


Morning children and parents!


Children’s daily work (can be altered to suit your home and family life):


  • PE with Joe
  • Phonics (20 mins) and handwriting (15 mins)
  • English
  • Maths
  • Other subject



Time to get active!

P.E with Joe Wicks - Monday to Friday 9am live on YouTube - The Body Coach



Morning Prayer – Hail Mary


Let us take this time to be GRATEFUL for all the things we have. I know everyone is going through a hard time. Let us try to focus on the wonderful things we have.


Thank you Lord for this new day in my school/home to work and play.

Please be with me all day long, in every story, game, and song. May all the happy things we do, make you our Father happy to.



What day was yesterday?

What day is it?

What day will it be tomorrow?

What month is it?

What date is it?

What is the weather like?

What is the season?



Practise saying the sounds everyday with your child

Set 1

a b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x w z sh ng nk th ch

Set 2

ay ee igh ow oo 00 ar or air ir ou oy

Set 3

ire ear ure ea aw are ur ow oi ai oa ew er

 a_e   i_e    o_e    u_e



SOUND to practise today: ur


Ur – nurse with a purse


  1. Practise writing words with ur in them - for example: burn, turn, nurse, purse, hurt…
  2. Can you think of anymore words with ur in them?
  3. Sound out each word for example: h-ur-t
  4. Use your fingers to show how many sounds there are in a word
  5. Ask your child how many letters in each of the words listed above and any other words your child can think of – for example hurt has 4 letters
  6. Ask your child how many sounds in each of the words listed above and any other words your child can think of – for example h-ur-t has 3 sounds.

Phase 3 Phonics | ur Digraph

Phase 3 Phonics | ur Digraph Learn sounding out (blending) using this series of Simply Phonics videos. T

Alphablocks - Word Magic "S-UR-F" & "T-UR-F" (Yellow Level Step 10)

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

RWI Set 3 Sounds - ur


Don’t forget to check out the following website to help with reading and phonics.


This is the RWI website - the books the children read in school and at home.


 From 1st June:

All lessons will be available at 9.30 am.

Set 1, 2 and 3 Speed Sounds lessons will restart.
Set 2 and 3 Speed Sounds lessons will include new words for reading and spelling.



Open the document below to practise reading sentences:




  1. Choose and draw a character from the story ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff-
  2. What does the character say?
  3. Can you draw a speech bubble?
  4. Write sentences to show what the character said. This can be exact words from the story or you can use your imagination and write what you think the character might say!
  5. You can do one character or more than one character.
  6. Remember to use your fingers to sound out the words, use finger space between each word, write on the line and use a full stop at the end of the sentence.

Extra: Make a ‘Wanted Poster’ to help find the Troll.

Draw the troll from the story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’.

Think of adjectives (describing words) to describe him e.g. huge, scary, smelly. Can you make a list of words to describe him?



  1. Today we will be focusing on: one less.
  2. Collect 20 items of the same object from your home e.g. pencils, toys.
  3. Choose a number card from 0-20.
  4. Count out that many objects.
  5. Show one less than the number by taking away one object. Count how many objects you have now.
  6. Say how many objects you have e.g. “I started with 15. I took one away. Now I have 14. One less than 15 is 14.”
  7. Repeat this for a variety of numbers. Please keep the objects for the weeks learning.
    Key questions: Can you show one less than a number using objects? Can you say one less than a number in a full sentence?


Topic: Friends


Jesus’ rule for friends.


Join together in a circle and recreate the picture.  Sing: Come and join the circle -

Circle Song

  • Look at the image (based on John 13: 34-35)  and Share the story about Jesus’ rule and talk about it. 
  • Talk to your child about the things that can make you and others unhappy.   
  • Talk about the importance of saying sorry and what it means to forgive each other so we can mend broken friendships.


During this week draw attention to when your child or children display the qualities of friendship and praise it.

Take the opportunity when things go wrong to discuss how they feel and make up as friends.

Parents ask your children:


  1. What is Jesus’ rule?
  2. What will happen when you are happy together?
  3. Why do you like your friends?
  4. What makes a good friend?
  5. What will help to mend the circle?



  1. Parents or older sibling’s role play situations where your child can decide who are friends and who are not and how they can say sorry to one another.
  2. Make friendship cards to give to a friend. You can write on the card a message to a friend. E.g You are a special friend to me. I like playing games with you. I am sorry for a time when I made you feel sad. Thank you for being my friend.
  3. Make a friendship bracelet – with string or paper or any crafts you have at home.
  4. Write a story about being sorry and making friends again.
  5. Role play falling out with a friend and making up by saying sorry.


Daily Task

Listen to a song and dance!




For children returning to school or trying to cope with understanding the current situation please click the link below for further resources.

Take some time to read through the social stories with your child and have a talk with them to address their thoughts and questions