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Wednesday 10th June

Good morning children it is Wednesday 10th June. Above is where I'd like to be...maybe one day! Please find today's work below. 




i) Handwriting

ii) Below you can download a spelling and grammar worksheet. There are six different ones to chose from. I would like you to complete two. 



Well done to Elio (Yr3) and Thomas M (Yr4) who are in the lead of their respective classes on Mathletics but a particular well done to all the Year 3s who are trouncing the Year 4s overall!! I will set some Mathletics on Friday but do please make use of it. 10 minutes a day is ample.





Follow the link below to learn about what electricity is and then watch the video below to learn some of the different ways electricity is made. There are quite a few ways we can 'generate' (make) electricity. Some, such as fossil fuels, can be quite bad for the environment. Newer cleaner technologies, such as solar power, are much better for the environment.


I have attached an article below about how we in the UK have reduced our use of fossil fuels and moved to more renewable sources. 

How is electricity made? | Chemistry - Curious Cat