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Wednesday 13th May

Good morning children it is Wednesday 13th May. Well done for the emails sent yesterday, keep them coming. 


Don't forget to begin with the next page of Mr Naughton's handwriting power point. 




Find below a worksheet focusing on spellings. There are lots on there so just download the first two. Use a dictionary or the internet to check the correct spelling. 



Continue with your work on place value (year 3) and decimals (year 4) although feel free to do both. 



Watch the clip below about food (in French) and then have a look at the worksheet below. Use the internet to help translate the words if you do not have an English/French dictionary. 


Alice, Elise & Quitterie you girls might want to write a little paragraph about your favourite foods (in French of course) to test Mr Elgey's French.


Moi, j'adore le chocolat!