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Wednesday 15th July

Good morning children it is Wednesday 15th July, I hope you and your families are well. Well done to the children who joined me yesterday. I will see group B tomorrow and all of you on Friday. 




My poem from yesterday:


Sunny days lying on warm sand drinking a cold beer,

Under the sea with my snorkel, fish swimming near.

Minding my own business reading my book,

Magnificent palm trees all around me shook.

Everyone at peace, smiles on our faces,

Ready to go to some sunny places :D!



Have a look at the picture above. I'm sure we'd all quite like to be in that hammock! I would like you to do one of the following:

  • Write down twenty adjectives to describe the different things you can see. Eg - Comfy hammock, soft, warm sand. 
  • Write ten sentences about the picture above. Eg - The mountain overlooked the tropical sea.
  • Write a couple of paragraphs describing the picture. Maybe you could imagine that you are there.
  • Or if you're feeling confident you could write the beginning of a short story set in this tropical location. You might have just arrived on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday or maybe you are stranded alone!




You have lots of assigned activities on Mathletics try and work your way through them this week. Redo activities where you have scored less than 80%. You also still have your timestables rockstars accounts. Next year, Year 4's will sit the government assessment for all 12 times tables so it is a good idea to get a good head start and practise everyday.