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Wednesday 17thJune

Good Morning Everyone!

Today we want to focus again on water.

But first our prayer:

I hope you all woke up with a smile today. There are so many good things happening around us. I want to share a short video about a volunteer who does a wonderful job helping animals in Africa.

Patrick doing a wonderful job

Still image for this video

Isn't that wonderful that there are such caring people that they don't only look after their families and friends but also after the animals.

We are very lucky in this country that there is a lot of rain - especially in the north of England and Scotland. Have you had a think about where our water comes from? And can we drink any water?

Well, no! The sea water in our oceans is much too salty and the rain water goes into our soil or rivers. Unfortunately even most of our rivers and ponds are not always clean enough. There are companies who clean the fresh water for us and connect it to our taps. Then it is good clean water we can drink.

Look at this powerpoint presentation with more information.

Don't worry about some of the difficult words. We know what a cycle means and thinking about our world just remember that water to drink comes from the rain then is used or disappears and then we have more rain. And so on and so on.

But is it just us people who need water? Have a think who else needs water to stay alive.

Remember our flowers and plants and even the butterfly wanted some water.

Now show your grown up or your brother or sister where the taps in your house are. Do you have a tap with a hose pipe outside in the garden?

What else do we need water for? Have a little think and tell someone what you do with water.

Look at these pictures:

Draw a picture with you and your friend having a fun time in the bath or swimming pool. That's my second favourite place at the moment. Unfortunately all the public swimming pools are still closed but maybe you have a little paddling pool. Otherwise you can have a long bath with some toys to play with.

Tomorrow we'll talk about places where you can find water. Where do you think that is? And have you been to a place where there is a lot of water? Let's see what you come up with.


Our other focus is 'Families'. It's my son's birthday this week and I am so excited that we are allowed to get together after a very long time. What about you? Did you see someone from your family this week who had to stay in their house for a long time? And did you find out who your aunt or uncle is?

Do you have any cousins in this country? Or do they live a long way away? My cousin lives in another country but we talk to each other sometimes and show each other photos from our children who would be our 2nd cousin. Don't worry - some of these relatives are extended family but not everybody has brothers or sisters or aunties or uncles or even cousins. Remember also that we have a church family and we are all God's children which unites us all over the world.

Back to my get together with my son on Sunday. I hope the weather will be nice and we can sit in the garden. So I have been doing a bit more gardening. Look at these photos and guess what happened.

There were so many snails eating my lovely plants. I suppose they were very hungry but I decided to take them to the park where they could eat grass and other plants.

Here are some red flowers. Do you know their names?

Did you guess it? The first one is a rose and the second one is a poppy. Can you draw a flower for me?

And to finish off for today I just want to show you what happened to my herbs. Look:

One grew quite well but the other one only had one leaf left after the snail had eaten all the other leaves. Never mind! I'll plant some more this week and keep an eye on them to take the snails out before they eat everything.

Enjoy the rest of the day! More tomorrow.

PS By the way, Silvio is still on his way to Scotland. It is such a long journey. I hope he won't be too tired when he gets there.