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Wednesday 1st July

Good Morning Year 2

Challenge:  Listen to the audio of me reading the morning message.  Can you read along as I speak? 

Miss Writer's Morning Message

Today is Wednesday 1st July, 2020.  


"Pinch, punch, first of the month, white rabbits, no returns for the rest of the day."  Who knows when we say this?


 I hope you enjoyed your RE activity yesterday.  It is very important to learn when to say sorry and to show someone that we are sorry for our actions.  Did you write your Sorry Prayer?


So here is my sorry to you:  Sorry that I did not put on my audio of the morning message yesterday.  I don't know where it went!  


Yesterday, I put up a picture of a dragon.  And it is a..... Komodo Dragon.  Thank you, Annie!  Watch this short video to learn more about Komodo Dragons. 

Fact of the Day!

Thank you to Annie for today's Facts of the Day.

Did you know... Komodo Dragon's have poisonous spit, yellow forked tongues and 50 sharp teeth.

Did you know...  That Komodo Dragon babies need to learn to run fast otherwise their daddies will eat them!

Start the day at 9am with a sun salutation!

Morning Prayer

Father in heaven You love me. 

You are with me night and day.

I want to love You always,

In all I do and say.

I'll try to please You Father.

Bless me through the day.




Your tasks today:

Activity 1 - Maths


Go to Lesson 3 - Compare Volume

1.  Listen to the video and answer the questions.

2. Open the worksheet below and answer the questions.

3.  Check your answers below.  Did you get it right?

Activity 2 - English

Today we are going to look at the story Dogger by Shirley Hughes.


Have you ever had something that goes missing? Imagine if you had a pet that went missing.  How would you feel?  Distraught? Worried?  Devastated? 


How would you find your pet again?


1) Watch HALF of the story Dogger (3minutes and 30 seconds).  How do you think Dave feels in this story? 

2) Answer the questions in Question Booklet for Day 3.

Activity 3 - Science

Today we are going to do something a little bit different and fun.  We are going to make dragon eggs. 



  • Some hardboiled eggs
  • Food dye (gel pastes work best) 
  • Cups
  • Water


What happens if I put a hard-boiled egg with a crackled shell

into dyed water?


1.  Make a prediction:  

What happens if I put a cracked egg in a cup of dyed water?   

I think that if I put a cracked egg in a cup of dyed water the egg will _____________________.


2.  Method: 

1. Ask a grown-up to hard-boil some eggs.

2. Let them cool and then roll them on the work-surface to crackle the shell all over.

3. Half-fill some cups with water and mix in a good dollop of food colouring into each cup (the gel pastes work best). 

4. Put an egg into each cup and leave in the fridge overnight.

5. Peel off the shell.  What happened?  


(6. Now gobble them up!)


3.  Results: 

What happened?

When I took the crackled shell off, the egg was _______________.


3.  Conclusion: 

How did this happen?  Where did the dye go?  Why didn't the dye go?

When I removed the crackled egg shell, the egg was _____________. This is because the dye went __________________ but it did not go where the __________________.


4.  In your books, use the experiment sheet to write up your experiment (remember to use bossy verbs and adverbs).  Either print it out and write on it or copy the headings in your book.  Use the title:  What happens if I put a hard-boiled egg with a crackled shell into dyed water?