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Wednesday 22nd April

Morning message from Miss Rodger


Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd April every year.


Today marks 50 years of Earth Day. 


The theme for this years Earth Day is climate action. 


Have a think about these two questions below.


What can you do to help support Earth day?


Why is it important to look after the Earth?


Now watch the video below to get some ideas then complete the task attached.


Please do send me some pictures of your work via the school office email address located in the 'Get in touch' folder on the main class page.

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Earth Day task

Alternative Earth Day tasks


1.First cut out the Earth template. 

2. Then paint it or use coloring pens, crayons or pencils (whatever you may have at home) to colour it in.

3. Next use any type of card and a pencil to draw around your left hand and right hand. 

4. Then cut out each hand template.

5. After that, on each finger write down 10 things you can do to save the Earth (see my examples below). 

6. Finally, glue each hand to the side of your Earth template.


Ten things you can do to help save the Earth

1. Reduce the amount of plastic you are using- drink from a reusable cup. 

2. Reuse plastic bags for shopping. 

3. Recycle packaging, paper, cardboard and glass.

4. Conserve water- turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.

5. Save electricity by turning off lights in the rooms that you are not using.

6. Walk to places of interest like the park, local shop instead of driving the short distance. 

7. Pick up rubbish- help your local community by picking up rubbish left on the footpath, or around your house. 

8.Keep learning about the Earth- carry out home science experiments (see examples attached below). 

9. Care for all animals and insects in our environment- they all serve a purpose. 

10. Use less paper when carrying out arts and crafts- use both sides of the paper, use old cardboard boxes, cereal boxes more than once.

Free Earth template

Science experiments to carry out at home