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Wednesday 22nd April

Happy Wednesday everybody. I hope you enjoyed the work that was set yesterday and you had some time to get out in the sunshine.

I spent much of the day working with my thirteen-year-old, on his school work.

Then, I showed my ten-year-old how to be an expert footballer - he beat me ...twice!

I also watched the film 'The BFG', after finishing the book, with my girls. It's a wonderful story and the movie is pretty good too! But beware as the movie is rated as a PG as the giants are a bit scary!


Q: Why was 6 afraid of 7

A: Because 7 ate 9!


Below are today's activities. I hope you enjoy completing them.

Start your day with a workout!
Activity 1 - Mathematics

Lesson 3 - Measure length in cm

1.  Watch the Measure length in cm video and answer the questions. 

2.  Open 'Get the Activity' and answer the questions.

3. Make sure you try your best.

4. Open 'Get the Answers' and check your answers.

Activity 2 - English

Listen to the story of Baba Yaga and the Black Geese (it's about 20 minutes long).


Now read the Day 3 question booklet.

1.  Answer the comprehension questions.

2.  Can you retell the story yourself.  You could draw pictures to remind you of what happened.    

3.  Can you retell the story to someone in your family.  Use a story telling voice.  Remember DON'T READ LIKE A ROBOT.


If you need help on how to read and talk with expression watch this video: 

(You should skip the advert)

Day 3 Question Booklet

Activity 3 - RE

Please read the story, based on Luke's Gospel, of Jesus rising from death. Then answer the following questions and choose one of the activities to complete.


Key Questions on Lesson One


  1. How do you think the women were feeling?
  2. What was the message the men gave to the women?
  3. What had Jesus told them to remember? Discuss the words used.
  4. How do you think the eleven disciples felt when they heard the news from the women?


Additional activities – You choose


  • Think about the special news the women told the disciples. What words do you think they used and how do you think they felt?  Role play the story.
  • Using a template of a newspaper report write an article called Jesus is risen!


Luke 24:1-9

Newspaper report template

Keep practising your mathematics skills and spelling skills by regularly using Mathletics and Lexia. 


Mr. Griffin