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St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School

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Wednesday 25th November

Good morning everyone. Please begin today by completing the 'Morning Maths' activity below:

  1. What is double 4?
  2. 2 x 12 =
  3. What is double 5?
  4. What is double 10?
  5. 2 x 9 =
  6. 2 x 25 =
  7. What is double 30?
  8. 2 x 15 =
  9. What is double 50?
  10. 2 x 20 =


Please practise your arithmetic skills by solving the problems in the booklet attached below:


Please learn about Human features and Physical features of places in geographical terms. Use the sorting activity to help you.

Next, try to locate the 'human features' of the United Kingdom on a map, using the activity sheet below:


Advent begins on Sunday. We are thinking about all of the things we do at home and at school to prepare for Christmas. Learning about the Advent wreath is very important.

Read the presentation about the Advent Wreath and then colour in the worksheet neatly and correctly.