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Wednesday 29th April

Good morning all it is Wednesday 29th April. Have a look at the activities below for you to do today.



What is the opposite of a prefix? That's right a suffix! Have a look at the slides and then complete the work below. You could complete the work on suffixes in your spag book too. 



Today I'd like you to have a look at time. There is a powerpoint to look through to remind yourselves and then there is an online game and a worksheet to have a look at. You could also check out the time activities on Mathletics and in your CPG book. 



You're probably using ICT more than normal now you're working from home. We would have been moving onto using powerpoint this summer term had we still been in school. In the past children would have chosen their favourite singer or footballer. Maybe you could do a powerpoint diary and see if you can include some pictures and text. If you do not have access to powerpoint you could design it on paper and create it when you're back in school.