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Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning lovely children.

Can you make someone smile today?



What is the date today? Remember to use full sentences.

Morning message - 03.06.20



Let’s start our day with a prayer.


Thank you Lord for this new day
in my home (school) to work and play.

Please be with me all day long,

in every story, game and song.

May all the happy things we do,

Make you our Father happy too.



Join me for story time to hear our new read aloud called Tom's Tail.






  • Daily handwriting and phonics/reading
  • Grammar: Days of the week and 'ay' sound
  • English: The Race Across the River
  • Maths: Direction, movement and position
  • PSHE: Living in Great Britain





Daily handwriting and phonics/reading: Please aim for 30 minutes (15 each) of handwriting and phonics and continue reading each day. smiley





Grammar: There are 7 days in the week. Sunday is the first day of a new calendar week. Monday is the first day of a new school week. 


Days of the Week Lesson | The Singing Walrus





English: Hear an oral retelling of a familiar traditional story; express opinions about stories using subordinating conjunctions. Orally retell a story.

English with Miss Tanner

River Race as told by Adele Moss

Storyteller Adele Moss tells the story of the Race Across The River.





Maths: Today we are learning more about direction and movement and describing different types of turns. We are also learning positions - left and right.


Our turns can go in different directions, called clockwise or anticlockwise. Clockwise goes to the right and anti-clockwise goes to the left


The Left vs. Right Song! | Scratch Garden


  1. Start by completing the right and left position activity sheet
  2. Go through the PowerPoint to learn more about clockwise and anticlockwise turns. Make sure to watch the ppt in presentation mode as the 'Crazy Clocks' activity is animated. 





PSHE: We all live in Great Britain. What makes you proud to be British? Britain has many beautiful buildings, important places and events, and British people who have achieved amazing things. 


Today you will be drawing pictures to show what it is like to live in Britain. Then you will be writing beautiful golden sentences about what makes you proud to be British. 





Introducing Great Britain