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Wednesday 3rd June

Good Morning Year 2

Challenge:  Listen to the audio of me reading the morning message.  Can you read along as I speak? 

Miss Writer's Morning Message

Today is Wednesday 3rd June, 2020 Did you know that today is World Bicycle Day and Running Day? I did not.  So to celebrate World Bicycle Day and Running Day, I will go out for a little jog or get on my bicycle later.  Perhaps you could go for a little jog or walk too as your daily exercise.  If they have some free time and are able to, why don't you take someone in your family for a walk/jog?!


Joke of the Day!

What did the traffic light say to the cars?

Don't look, I'm changing!


Start the day at 9am with PE with JOE



Morning Prayer

Father in heaven You love me. 

You are with me night and day.

I want to love You always,

In all I do and say.

I'll try to please You Father.

Bless me through the day.




Your tasks today:

Activity 1 - Maths


Go to Lesson 3 - Grouping

1.  Listen to the video and answer the questions.

2. Open the worksheet below and answer the questions.

3.  Check your answers below.  Did you get it right?

Activity 2 - English

1. Story time 

Go back to and re-listen to Diary of a Wombat. 


2. Verbs and tenses 

What are verbs? What does being ‘in the past tense’ mean? 

  • Carefully read The Past Tense Simple and Progressive Forms and then go back to the start of Diary of a Wombat. Be ready to pause the video so you can see the Monday and Tuesday pages. 
  • On Monday’s and Tuesday’s Verbs record all the verbs used on those days in the diary. 
  • What tense are the verbs in? Confirm that they are in the past tense. 
  • Are the verbs in the simple or progressive form of the past tense? Confirm that they are in the simple form of the past tense. 


3. Writing time 

Look at Wombat’s Simple Past Sentences

  • Rewrite each sentence using the progressive form of the past tense. 
  • Now read the sentences on Wombat’s Progressive Past Sentences. 
  • Rewrite each sentence in the simple past tense. 
  • Check with the Answers for both to see how you got on. 


Fun Challenge:

  • On Verbs, write down in the past tense any verbs that say what you have done today (watched TV, played in the garden, had lunch). 
  • Rewrite each one in the progressive past (was watching, was playing). 

Music Break

Go to Ms Hume's Music Page and have fun joining in with her latest music session at the very bottom of the page:

Activity 3 - Science

We are going to be moving onto a new topic in science today. 


We will be looking at the Earth and thinking about ways that we can help the Earth.


Today we are going to think about our environmentIt is important that we keep the environment healthy by taking care of the soil, the water, the air and all the plants and animals that live here. That way the Earth can keep giving us all the things that we need to be happy and healthy. Often though, we are not keeping the Earth healthy and this has an affect on the climate


1.  Watch this video and read the lesson below to learn more on climate change


In your books, can you answer these questions?

Why is the climate changing?

What is carbon dioxide doing to the Earth?

What can you do to help stop climate change?


(This BBC Newsround article is more detailed but has a great video at the bottom)

2.  Create your own poster on climate change.   What is it and most importantly what can you do to help stop it.  I have put some example posters below.