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Weekly Spellings and Times Tables

Can you learn these spellings words and times tables by Friday?


11 X tables




Practise adding and subtracting 11 and 9 to/from a number e.g:


20 + 11 = 

39 + 9 = 

67 - 11 = 

45 - 9 = 


These spelling words all use the possessive apostrophe.  That means the something belongs to the noun (person/thing) e.g: Megan's hat.  The hat belongs to Megan.  The man's car.  The car belongs to the man.



the girl's

the child's 

the man's

the woman's 

the school's

a dog's 

a teacher's 



*If a word ends in an s the apostrophe goes after the s.  For example Jesus had kind disciples.  You could say Jesus' disciples were kind.



1) Use these words in a sentence during the week.

2) Add a possessive apostrophe to more nouns.