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Wonderful work

Sophia has been working very hard this week again. I can see she has been practising her days of the week in beautiful handwriting. Excellent knowledge about lefts and rights Sophia. Super work. She has coloured in her sunflower very neatly indeed and she has shown a strong understanding about the life cycle of a sunflower. Well done on the 9/9 with your spellings Sophia! At this rate you will be spelling all of the words in your golden sentences perfectly. Her handwriting practise is very neat and tidy. Great job! Wonderful postcard from the seaside. Building sandcastles and eating ice- cream sounds like a dreamy day, can we all come with you please? Keep up the lovely work. 

Áilleacht has certainly been a very busy girl! Just look at all of her hard work! She has written her own version of the story No Thank You! with beautiful illustrations. She has used lots of interesting adjectives such as 'hairy' and 'playful' when describing animals. Beautiful golden sentences when describing her perfect dragon. Pink eyes and purple scales sound very unique. I can see excellent handwriting when writing sentences about the past and I can see that Áilleacht has been practising her days of the week within sentences. Super maths work! I can see some brilliant work on turns and on finding quarters. 


Great lunch box! She certainly understands all about healthy eating. Super labeling of the tree. She will be an expert at this rate! Loved the postcard from your holiday to the seaside. Can I have some popcorn please? Finally, what an amazing abstract self portrait. An artist in the making! Well done for working so hard!