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Wonderful Work

Michael has been certainly putting in a lot of effort with his work this week. I enjoyed reading his story; Handa's Arctic Fox. He included spelling of numbers and lots of sentences using connectives and and but. How lovely that the Arctic Fox had some babies. Excellent maths work when measuring capacity. Super reasoning regarding the jug and glasses of juice. Wonderful poster about our topic of Plants. He has learnt so much! Beautiful drawings. Well done Michael on your spellings. Keep up the brilliant work!
Leo has been working extremely hard. Great understanding of left and right. I like The Jade Emperor's Birthday party. Musical statues and pizza sounds like a lot of fun! Love the picture of the dragon, the fire is very scary!
Thoughtful and kind words from Áilleacht about friendship. I think she has really understood about how friends should be towards each other. She used words such as; kind, sharing, smiling and fun. 
Ciaran has produced some great work this week. My goodness what a beautiful drawing of a dragon. Straight out of a Harry Potter story! Excellent postcard and amazing story. Super descriptive writing using and and lots of adjectives in your golden sentences.