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WOW work!


Welcome to our WOW work page. Here you can see all of your wonderful work and the things your friends are doing at home. Make sure to check it out every week as there are always new pictures being added. The newest pictures will add to the end of the slideshow. 


Below is our first big write in Year 1. Well done children for working so hard. Look at your amazing handwriting and sentences. smiley




English and maths work

Week 5: 1-5 February - English and maths (The Gingerbread Man, comparing numbers, 2s and 5s)

Week 4: 25-29 January - English and maths (Goldilocks big write and place value)





Other topic work

Design Technology (DT - boats) - updated 05.03.21

Science - Materials - updated 03.03.21

Humanities - Our Local Area - updated 02.03.21

RE - Lent and Special Meals - updated 01.03.21 with Jesus was tempted in the desert

Valentine's work (RE, cards) - updated 10.02.21 with valentine cards

On the 2nd February, we celebrate the Feast of Presentation. This was the special day, where Mary and Joseph presented Jesus to God at the temple. Light a candle on this day and say a special prayer to remember that Jesus brings light, joy and happiness to our lives.

Baby Jesus is presented at the temple

The Feast of Presentation