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Year 1 - Miss Tanner




Thank you to all parents and children for your kind and generous gifts and cards filled with special words. I have enjoyed getting to know you all and having the pleasure to work with you and watch your children grow and learn. Thank you for all your support at home during these strange and difficult times. I know this year has been a bit different but you and your children have been incredible throughout it all. Thank you again and have a safe and happy summer holiday. smiley

Well done children! You did it! Congratulations for officially completing Year 1. For those of you at home and those that returned to school, I am very proud of the hard work you have shown me. You should be super proud of all that you have achieved. I am lucky to have had you as my class this year and I will miss you so much! Have a wonderful summer holiday and I will be sure to visit you in Year 2! heart


Check out everyones wonderful work and pictures. Amazing job year 1! You have learned so much this year. yes


Please refer to the star below for your daily tasks.



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