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Year 2 - Miss Ashdown





We have had a great year in Year 2. Look below at all of our lovely photos.


I want to thank my children for being such a lovely class and I wish you good luck in Year 3.










Arty Party came to visit us. We painted some beautiful pictures of The Queen. 

Look below at the photographs.




 Piotr, Allison and Bruna got

 gold certificates !!!!



Over the holidays try spotting the different 3d shapes around you. Can you describe how many vertices, faces and edges they have ?

Can you spot any right angles in your home ?


Keep learning your 2,3,4,5, 6  and 10 times tables. 

Try practising your doubling and halving. Try these ...

Half of 300 ? Double 70 ?

Half of 180 ? Double 25 ?

Half of 800 ? Double 350 ?





In English we learnt a lot about expanded noun phrases, contractions and conjunctions. Tell your parents all about them and try and use them in your writing.





 At school we tried to grow our own beetroot.



Did you like our cushions that we designed and made ?























We have been very busy in our class!!

Our Science Investigation.

Mr Fun was lots of fun!

The chicks came to visit!!

Our Classroom

Father Bev came to visit us.

The Museum of London