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Year 3 Mr McDermott

Welcome to Year 3

Thank you to all that particpated in World Book Day and made it the wonderful that it was.



Best dressed boy in class: Daniel
Best dressed girl in class: Charlize
Winner of book review competition Josephine
Prizes for costume TBA

In Year 3 we will be covering a range of exciting topics


This term, we will be studying MYTHS & LEGENDS, CLASSIC FICTION, NARRATIVE POETRY, PERSUASIVE WRITING, USING INFORMATION TEXTS and LETTER WRITING. We will enable the children to use what they learn in reading to produce their own high quality stories, reports, letters and non-fiction texts. Sentence construction, grammar and spelling will continue to be developed in all lessons.  
We will have a mathematics lesson each day which will develop the pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding of the subject. Children will be enabled to develop quick and accurate MENTAL ARITHMETIC – crucial for all young mathematicians.  Key areas include:
·  ADDING AND SUBTRACTING pairs of numbers  
·  Knowing all the TIMES TABLES up to 12x12 and their related division facts.
·  Learning quick ways to MULTIPLY and DIVIDE by 10, 100 and 1,000
·  Pupils will apply what they have learned to solving real life word problems. 
·  We will learn to MEASURE length, time, money and perimeter.
·  In GEOMETRY we will work on the properties of 2-D shapes, POSITION and DIRECTION
·  In STATISTICS we will learn to interpret, present and compare data in different ways.
For the first half of the term we will be learning about STATES OF MATTER. The pupils will be investigating solids, liquids and gases. After half term we shall be studying ANIMALS INCLUDING HUMANS




The children will be comparing a region in the United Kingdom with a region in a European country. For this, we will use a range of resources including maps, photographs and the internet. As part of this work we will also be developing our mapping skills. 




We will continue collecting and recording visual information using our sketch books. Our main focus will be learning about perspective drawing and painting through the topic of LANDSCAPES.
Additionally, the pupils will investigate PRINTING techniques




The children will be designing and making their own food packaging to contain a healthy meal they designed have prepared.

Activities will include DANCE and GAMES.  P.E. takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please ensure that your child has their full kit with them on these days.  
The main focus this term will be PROGRAMMING, where children will use coding software to program onscreen objects. Children will continue to use the internet for research across the curriculum and develop their word processing skills. 
Children will perform traditional songs and dances from various cultures around the world (performing in solo and ensemble contexts).  They will develop aural musicianship skills by using musical games, practising skills such as pitch, rhythm, dynamics and tempo.  They will engage in music appreciation by listening to and describing music from the Renaissance and Baroque periods.


Class photos and updates to follow over the course of the year