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Year 4 - Mrs Benedykt and Mrs Price


Dear Year 4, Parents and Carers,

We hope that you have all received your child's end of year school report via email.


Here we are, approaching our final week of Year 4.

What a strange year it has been!

We hope you enjoy the final week's work and we look forward to seeing you on Google Classroom.

Best wishes,


Mrs Benedykt and Mrs Price


Our Google classroom sessions next week will be as follows:

Tuesday at 1:30pm with Mrs Benedykt

Thursday at 9:30am or 10am with Mrs Price (see Thursdays tab for groups)

Friday at 10am with both Mrs Benedykt and Mrs Price

Friday 3rd April


Good Morning!

Did you all clap for our Key Workers last night at 8pm?

If you forgot then you can join in next week.

Yesterday, you found out all about Marie Curie (answers can be found in the English section of Home Learning).

So today and over the weekend we would like you to research and make a fact file about another female scientist or inventor.

Here are some links for some suggestions or you can find a scientist of your own:

(Ligaya, you have some in the book you showed me I think!)


Make a one page poster/fact file and after the Easter 'break' we will be sharing details of how you can send it to us so that we can share your work on this page.

Thursday 2nd April


Good Morning!

I hope you found lots of words within MERMAID!

Today's activities are:

1) Emoji Maths Codebreaker (there are 3 going from easier to harder)

2) Marie Curie reading comprehension

3) One page (or a double page spread) from your CGP SPAG book


You could also try to get in another random act of kindness today. 

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning Year 4. Hopefully, there won't be any April showers today!



Can you find ten words within mermaid?

  1. maid
  2. aid
  3. air
  4. mad
  5. ear
  6. ram
  7. raid
  8. dim
  9. dam
  10. red

Too easy? What about 20? 30? There are actually more than 50 words within mermaid! Can you find them all?


English work


You took your CGP Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation books home with you so please also complete a page (or a double page if it is on the same topic) in that book today.

Tuesday 31st March

A very good morning Year 4.

Can you believe that it is the last day of March already?

Yesterday, I used two idioms in my daily message: killing two birds with one stone

and jog your memory

Today, write five sentences using each of the idioms (so ten sentences in total) 


Monday 30th March

Good morning laugh

We hope that you had a lovely weekend and that you managed to keep yourselves busy at home. 


Did you make and send a card to someone in Collingwood Nursing Home? If you did, you killed two birds with one stone, fulfilling a Random Act of Kindness which will make another person feel happier, and less lonely.


When we were learning about the different time zones around the world, we also learned about Daylight Savings Time (DST). We would like you to write a fact file explaining what is and why we do it. Remember, use sub headings to organise your information.

Click on the following link to watch an informative video which should jog your memory!

Friday 27th March


Good Morning Year 4!


For your task today and over the weekend we would like you to write a letter to our local care home.

Many elderly people living in care homes can often feel lonely, especially now that their families cannot visit them. The staff at these care homes are working hard to help the residents with their daily needs but also to keep their spirits up during this time.

So we thought a letter to a worker or resident at Collingwood Nursing Home could really help.


There are some templates in the English section if you want some help or you can create your own.


The address to post your letter to is:

Collingwood Court Care Home

Nelson’s Row

Clapham, London



Why not include a drawing with your letter?

Thursday 26th March


Good Morning!

We hope you have been able to enjoy the sunshine either by going in your garden or enjoying a (socially distanced!) walk.

Try this Spring themed crossword to start your day.

Did you find them all? See the answers below:

Wednesday 25th March


Good Morning Year 4!

Lots of us watched this video last week in school to help us learn more about the Digestive System.

Watch the video then try the activity below where you can label the different organs in the Digestive System.

The Digestive System

Still image for this video

Tuesday 24th March

Happy Tuesday Year 4! 

What an amazing opportunity to take a look inside a number of the animal enclosures in Edinburgh Zoo. Click on the link below to view the animals and observe what they get up to.


Did you manage to find all of the idioms? Write at least seven sentences, using each of them (they have been underlined in red).

Monday 23rd March 2020

Good morning Year 4! We hope that you have all had a lovely weekend and are safe and well.

During this time at home, we thought it would be helpful and greatly appreciated by your parents/guardians to endeavour to complete a random act of kindness every day (at home of course) - good luck!

We also know how creative you all are, so have a go at some of these lego challenges.


Friday 20th March

Idiom of the day

Find the idioms in this Mother's Day poem and try and use them in a sentence of your own.


Art Week - World Art


Well done to all the children for coming in wearing the costume of a much loved book character.

Thanks to all the parents and carers for helping to make this such a fun celebration of reading.

We enjoyed sharing our love of books, reading and had a great time reading aloud to children in Year 2.

Congratulations to Zachary and O'Marah who were elected as the class council representatives for the School Council. Well done to all of the candidates involved!

In addition to the class council representatives, Thomas C and Kyla have been elected as the class council secretary and chairperson. Congratulations!

Our Timetable


What do you know about merpeople and selkies?

Our Wonderful Lower Junior Retreat in the Church